We provide confidence and guarantee to all our customers in everything we transport

We are a specialized company, with more than 5 years of experience, transporting dry products throughout the USA. We have the latest technology in all our trucks and we offer all our customers a personalized service.

Our drivers are highly trained to handle and respond to any eventuality while on the road, which guarantees reliability and security of delivery of all their products.

Our fleet of last generation, will be responsible for moving your cargo to its final destination safely and under all necessary quality standards.

Our trucks have a large load capacity and the best design for transporting dry products, conditioned to protect them from possible damage, bad weather and theft. Within our service we offer customized collections, under specific schedules with our clients.

We can move: food and non-perishable beverages, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, consumer goods, entertainment, health and beauty, cleaning products, textiles, furniture and much more.

If you need to move your products to the dry, Chamos Express LLC is your best option.